Year 5 and 6 students from three local primary schools have been taking part in art workshops at Carr Hill High School.


Carr Hill has been offering these workshops at the end of the summer term for a number of years and each time students have the opportunity to cover a different and exciting topic. This year students from Ribby with Wrea, Weeton St Michaels and Wesham Cof E, looked at Pop Art and in particular the work of Andy Warhol and his silk screen printing and how he produced colourful repeats. They also looked at his brand Campbell's soup and designed their own version with funky flavours and a modern twist.


In addition to the work of Andy Warhol, students were also inspired by Keith Haring, modern day Pop Artist famous for his bouncy characters. Students made colourful characters from cutting out paper and added a modern day item of clothing or a prop.


Art teacher Mrs Williams runs the workshops each year. She said: “I was very impressed with students from all three schools, their creative ideas and attention to detail, the colourful cans with exciting new flavours which could make soup popular and the skill they demonstrated in cutting out for the Haring collage exercise.”


Year 5 Star said: “I liked learning about pop art as I’ve not heard of it before. I liked decorating the soup can and making it colourful.”


Fellow Year 5 Finley said: “The workshop has been good and it’s been cool to do pop art and to have an art lesson at secondary school.”


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