At Carr Hill High School we work to ensure your child has a successful transition from primary education to secondary education. 

We understand how important it is for a child to feel happy and confident about the changes ahead and so provide an effective and highly thought of transition programme. 

Care is taken from an early stage to prepare students for the transition from primary school to secondary school. We start working with pupils in Year 5, providing our local primary school students with the opportunity to visit Carr Hill High School for an introduction to secondary school life. The following year pupils will return for a more in-depth visit which expands on their previous experience. Students benefit from lesson tasters and the opportunity to sample school facilities such as the canteen.  

Later on in the year we host a Taster Day for all Year 6 pupils who will be joining us the following September. This is an opportunity for students to experience a full day at secondary school, familiarise themselves with the school layout, meet new friends, experience lessons and ask Carr Hill High School staff and pupils lots of questions!  

As a well-respected school, a percentage of students from outside of our core catchment area are included within our yearly intake. We appreciate that joining a new school as a student, who doesn’t know anyone is daunting so we make extra arrangements to help these pupils settle in. Students are offered additional support and will be invited on extended visits along with other pupils who are in a similar position. 

During the summer term all new parents and students are invited to the New Year 7 Parents’ Evening. It’s an exciting time for pupils as they are able to meet their Year Leader and mentor and others who will be in their mentor group.

There is extra support available for SEN students and their parents with the opportunity to arrange additional meetings with specialist school staff to ensure all a pupil’s individual needs are understood and met prior to them joining Carr Hill High School.

The school hosts its Open Evening every September. Parents and students are also encouraged to visit the school at any time throughout the year should they wish.