School Prefects

When pupils reach the last year of their school education, it is the culmination of a journey that has lasted more than a decade. Through copying good habits, and guided by good values, many of our pupils can reflect on having developed into kind, capable and impressive young people.

Our older pupils play a crucial role in setting the culture of the school. Younger pupils copy their habits, and are guided by their values. This is the solemn and important role of our Prefects. In their final year of school, they light the way for all pupils, before passing on the torch to the next generation.


The Prefect System at Carr Hill

From 2023, the Prefect system is being enhanced.

The Prefect Team consists of four sub-teams, each based on our four key virtues: Commitment, Aspiration, Resilience, and Respect. Each team is led by two Team Captains. Above those sit our two School Captains (Head Boys/Girls) who most fully model and embody our virtues.


Each team performs different tasks that help with the orderly and productive running of school:


Perks of the Job

As reward for their hard work and dedication, prefects at Carr Hill:

  • Have a dedicated indoor space just for them
  • Have a dedicated outdoor area just for them
  • Have a social evening
  • Have an afternoon tea once per term
  • Will be offered a day trip to a high-ranking university


Training for the Future

Being in one of our prefect teams provides excellent training and experience for the world beyond school. It enhances a pupil’s early CV, builds confidence, and helps turn young people into leaders with integrity.


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