Mr. Waller


Miss. Jordinson

Deputy Headteacher

Mr. Morton

Assistant Headteacher

Mr. Johnstone

Assistant Headteacher

Miss Wareing

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs. Darkin

Associate Assistant Headteacher & SENCO

Mrs Childs

School Business Manager

Mr. Penney

Head of Year 7

Mr. Long

Acting Head of Year 8

Miss. Coulthard

Head of Year 8

Miss. Clancy

Head of Year 9

Mrs. O’Donnell

Head of Year 10

Mrs. Beesley

Head of Year 11

Mrs. McMurtrie

Faculty Leader-Geography

Mr. Yates

Faculty Leader-History

Mr. Haydock

Faculty Leader-PE

Miss. North

Faculty Leader- Science

Mr. Myers

Faculty Leader- Mathematics

Mrs. Aspden

Faculty Leader- English

Mrs. Swainson

Faculty Leader- Art & Photography

Mrs. Waldron

Faculty Leader- Performing Arts

Mrs. Stringfellow

Faculty Leader- ICT/Business Studies, Media

Mrs. Beckett

Faculty Leader- MFL

Mrs. Dandy

Faculty Leader - Technology

Mr Churm

Faculty Leader- RS


Staff List 2020 - 2021