Students from Year 7- Year 10 were invited to attend the annual Rewards Evening with their families where they were recognised by staff for their many achievements this academic year.


Students were awarded certificates for a range of reasons such as exemplary behaviour, 100 percent attendance, outstanding number of merits and more. A small number of students were also given the Year Leaders award for their contribution to the school community whilst one student from each year was awarded ‘Student of the Year’ a title given to those who consistently go above and beyond both in and outside the classroom for staff and peers.


In addition to certificates a number of students also received books as part of their awards. This is part of the school’s drive to promote the importance of reading and encourage students to read more- a key initiative for the 2019-2020 academic year.  This builds on our successful reading festival, which took place in February, and our participation in this year’s Lancashire We Are Reading initiative. 


Headteacher Mr Waller said: “The Rewards Evenings are all about recognising and thanking students who make our school community a better place whether that is by turning up every day ready to learn, always behaving in a positive way or offering to help others. There are so many ways in which our students make a difference and every student who received an award should be proud of what they have achieved and contributed to our school this year.”  


Rewards Evening 3

Rewards Evening 2019 2