Eight students from Year 10, who are members of the school’s Combined Cadet Force, have completed a week long training course at the Wathgill Infantry Training Centre in Catterick.


The week included activities such as training in built up areas, training in wooded areas, ranges, first aid, dismounted close combat trainer and platoon attack. The students also took part in an adventure training day which involved mountain biking, paddle boarding, rock jumping and gorge scrambling. During the week students also slept in basis cadet accommodation. 


Carr Hill students achieved many things during the week with Year 10 Hannah winning ‘best shot’ during the range activity and Year 10 Olivia winning the ‘Proud to Belong’ trophy for being the best Carr Hill High School cadet on the training course.


History teacher Lt Yates said: “It was great to see the CCF students given the opportunity to take part in so many different and, in many cases, new activities. Many of the activities were challenging but our students  were not phased and performed well throughout the week. They should all be proud of themselves.”


Carr Hill High School run the combined cadets programme with Kirkham Grammar School who deliver the initiative, which Carr Hill access, to support the programme of provision between the two schools. Students who are interested in joining the Combined Cadet Force should register their interest with Mr Yates (in HU3). The Combined Cadet Force activities take place at Kirkham Grammar School each Thursday from 3pm- 4pm.


Cadet Annual Camp 2019