Carr Hill students travelled to Blackpool 6th Form College to take part in a maths challenge alongside other local secondary schools.


A team of Year 10’s and a team of Year 8’s participated in the competition using their existing mathematical knowledge and covering new areas of the subject. The rounds included one which was based on ‘Decision Maths’- an A-level topic. Students were tasked with reading information about this topic and then answering a series of questions based on it. The teams performed well across all rounds and came out victorious in the round which involved a series of questions and having to determine if the answer was higher or lower to reach the next question. Students also partook in a relay style round where each pair in the group had to confirm their answer before the next pair could use that answer to continue.


Maths teacher Mrs Potts said: “It was good to see students being able to enjoy using their maths knowledge in a new context and being able to compete with students from other schools. It is also really enjoyable to see students work so well as a team.”


Maths Challenge 2019