Carr Hill High School has appointed a team of Prefects to work alongside staff to continue to improve and develop the school community.


Positions were open to Year 10, as they will soon be the oldest students in the school and over 60 applications were submitted. The roles include Head Boy and Head Girl, two Deputy Head Girls, two Deputy Head Boys, Year 7 prefects, numeracy and literacy prefects, behaviour prefects and general prefects. These students will be role models for the school and will play a crucial role in shaping the Carr Hill community.


Head of Year 10 Mrs Beesley said: “Myself and Assistant Headteacher Ms Allan were overwhelmed with the response we had from Year 10 students. It was wonderful to hear from so many students who are Proud to Belong and want to make this school the best it can be for their peers. The appointment process was challenging as there were so many worthy applicants and I would like thank everyone who took the time to apply. We are thrilled with the team we have appointed and are looking forward to working alongside them, sharing ideas and positively driving our school community forward.  


“Our prefects will not only help the school, but also have the opportunity to develop employability, teamwork, communication and leadership skills which they can demonstrate when applying for college, apprenticeships or employment. They will also enjoy benefits such as exclusive use of the Allen Wood Studio at breaks and lunchtimes.”


The Senior Prefect Team is: Head Boy James, Head Girl Emma, Deputy Head Boys Ollie and Max and Deputy Head Girls Hannah and Yolanda.


Head Girl Emma said: " I applied for the role of Head Girl to challenge myself. I'm most looking forward to working with the new Year 7 students starting in September and helping them to settle in to our school." 


Head Boy James said: "I've got a lot from school so I wanted to give something back which is why I applied for the Head Boy role. I think it will be a lot of responsibility but also an opportunity to learn about leadership."