As part of Carr Hill’s ‘We are Reading Challenge’ we have created a number of 'student author’ posts. The work of our student authors will regularly be shared on the website, in editions of our school magazine and other communication channels. In the next of our student author contributions Year 10 Luke shares the first chapter from his story Agent 16 Part 1 Thank you, Luke.

Agent 16 was quickly rushed to a police station. He was treated like a terrorist, he tried explaining they had missed the terrorists. When they searched his belongings they found four phones, three stun grenades, two pistols and a broken mini drone. After three hours in a room with a one-way mirror someone finally came in.

He dressed in a suit and tie and didn’t show any emotion. “Awful weather lately.” He said with an annoyed voice.

“Its going to get worse before it gets better.” Said the agent.

“You’re lucky I used to be a lawyer. You need to go make to our New York headquarters, they know what you look like….”

His phone buzzed, he looked at the one-way mirror. He pointed his phone at it. The screen showed everyone in the room. He then typed a message onto google, “CIA agents in the building, FBI outside.”

Agent 16 grabbed the phone and typed, “KGB agents are following me.”

The man said, “The constabulary have received payment from your client.”

This was bad, the police in the station were bribed by Shun, CIA and FBI think they are terrorists and are prepared to shoot first ask questions later, the KGB already suspected an MI6 base in America and would try and take them hostage and they were in a monitored room with just one locked door.

“Play the long game.” Muttered Agent 16.

For the next twenty minutes Agent 16 used the phone to hack into cameras and computers. By the time a police officer came in, everything recording them was disabled.

“So, Mr….” Said the police officer, waiting for him to answer, “Do you speak English.”

“I…” He was almost glad of what happened. The building across from the police station exploded. The damage wasn’t bad and only a few people would be injured but that wasn’t the intention. He felt the presence of every police officer in the station in panic and could hear them rush to the building.

“I will be back in a minute.” Said the police officer in the room. As soon as the door behind him closed they had to act.

“You are to call me Charles Pence, you have been reckless, you know our prime rule. If the KGB capture us, I will kill you and then take a cyanide pill. When we leave the building, get a car as quickly as possible and drive for ten minutes. Once you think you have lost them drive the car into a lake in central park. Then go to headquarters.”

Agent 16 smiled at him, “Do you want to know what the chances are that we both survive.”

Charles checked the door, “I imagine slim.”

Agent 16’s smile grew, “No it is about ninety percent, the KGB need us alive and Shun’s police need to find out what we know. The CIA and FBI have enough people shooting at them.”

He opened the door, deserted. The entire police station was empty. Charles went to secure the reception as Agent 16 went to the armoury, empty. He went back to reception, Charles was taking cover behind the desk. All windows were covered with dirt or blood.

Charles was panting, it took a second to realise, the window had small holes. Charles started breathing heavily. He wasn’t going to make it. He beckoned him to come over, “Please, I don’t want to die like this,” he put his hand on his shoulder, “I know every agent, and their name, except yours, please your name and age, then my mind is…” His words stopped.

Agent 16 looked at the corpse, flashbacks, before he gave up his life. He found a handgun under the desk, he picked it up and ran outside. The street was a battlefield. Across from him was the British Embassy ablaze, he thought it was the KGB but even they wouldn’t kill so many people. Down the left of the street was the FBI taking cover behind the only cars he could see, to the right was the corrupt police who had started firing at the FBI. On the rooftops were stray snipers picking off anyone they pleased. He realised no matter the cover up this would be remembered for years to come, the terrorists he was searching for would be international and feared across the world. By now Shun would be hundreds of miles away.

He ran across to the FBI, he reckoned there was only a twelve percent chance he would be shot. He felt his shoulder sting as it hit him. The FBI was pinned down, he ran past them and got to the first car on the pavement. He smashed the window and climbed through, he got it going quickly. As he drove, he had a rain of bullets smash into the back of the car.

As he drove into the lake, he could hear the news calling this a world attack. He knew the aftermath would be a lot worse.