As part of Carr Hill’s ‘We are Reading Challenge’ we have created a number of 'student author’ posts. The work of our student authors will regularly be shared on the website, in editions of our school magazine and other communication channels. In the next of our student author contributions Year 10 Benjamin shares the first chapter from his story The Lord: The Secret of Kylo  Volume IV  Thank you, Harry.

Lord Antonio loved The Door, it was amazing! It went so fast and could go anywhere, 

“Lord Antonio, can’t we just stop at a place for more than one minute?" Plied David. 

“But the universe is so amazing! I want to go everywhere!” 

“Fine, wait. What about the past?” Said David. 

“Yes, of course. I have never been to the past, have you?” Asked Lord Antonio seriously. David stared at Antonio with a face just saying how stupid the question Lord Antonio had just asked was. After about five seconds Lord Antonio realised. 

“Oh” He chuckled. They grinned at each other. 

“By the way, where do you want to go?” 

David replied “How about the Dark Ages? That might be pretty cool” 

“Go on then, sit in the chair and put the headphones on” David followed the instructions and sat in the chair. 

“What do I do now?” He said. 

“Just think about the dark ages, every fact about it you know” 

“Ok?” David replied, it did seem a bit odd though. To time travel he thought you just had to flick some switches and hey, you were there. But no, he had to think about it? David muttered all the factual information he knew about the Dark Ages: were to start with- King Richard III? So, he was in the War of the Roses... 

At that thought, The Door landed. “Wow, we landed at one thought. That is quite impressive!” 

They stepped outside into a forest, it was full of flamboyant flowers, berry bushes and a mild heat. Lord Antonio sighed in delight. He turned to David. “And to think there is a war on” 

“OI!!! SEIS THEM!!!” Called a man on a horse dressed in red robes. An army of soldiers coated in steel. They grabbed hold of David & Lord Antonio and dragged them to a wooden cart. They pulled up the door and locked it. The cart was pulled away by horses.  

“Sir, how are we going to escape this?” Whispered David. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll use my Ython Blaster” Replied Lord Antonio. 

“Ok, do it” Lord Antonio pulled the trigger, and a portal occurred. The discretely crawled through it.  

The portal lead to a castle, “Ha beat them to it” Laughed Lord Antonio. They came to a halt on their laughter, there was a stomping sound, like metal slamming against the flour. It was one of the soldiers. Lord Antonio shot it with his Ython blaster. 

“Sir, why did you kill that man!?” Yelled David. 

“They aren't humans David, they are Manters. Robots from the planet Kylo. See” He removed its helmet and revealed a plastic robot. Another stomping, they hurried up a staircase to a stone room. 

“Keep an eye on them” 

“Ok Sir” Replied David “I can't see them!” 

“Don't tell me you have lost them already!” 

“Wait! They're coming up the stairs!” 

“Well don't just stand there! Do something!” Ordered Antonio 

David hurried to the main door and tried to barricade it. 

“I can't die this way, not now! Glados would be ashamed to call me his son” 

Lord Antonio dived out of  a window and fell into horse drawn cart full of hay. 

“Sir! Don't just leave me!” Called David 

A mysterious green glow occurred in the corner of the room, a voice said in a haunting manner. 

“Come with me David, I have come to save you.” 

Meanwhile, Lord Antonio waited in hay and thought to himself. “I need a new name, or The Manters will find me , I know- John Palmer; wait, wasn't that a highway man's fake name? Yes, it was- Dick Turpin's. I can't use that if I am meant to travel to the Georgian era, can I?! How about something plane? Like Garry, Garry Sparrow? I love that name! I’ll use that as a fake identification. But more importantly, I  need to escape. ” 

Lord Antonio peeked out of horse drawn carriage and saw he is in the forest again 

He leaped out. 

A small child came up to him. He said: “Hello mister, can I have some money for some coal please?” 

“Sure.” said Antonio.He put his hand in his pocket however pulled out a five-pound note “Umm, sorry but I don't have the correct money.” 

“So, your foreign? HELP!!!!!!!” Screamed the boy.  

Lord Antonio ran out into woods and went into The Door 

“Oh, am I happy to see you” He oddly spoke to his time machine.  

He sat down in chair and put the headphones on. “Favourite music on, check” 

“Thrusters on “(he flicked some switches) “check.” 

“And off I go, my amazing time machine- TAKE ME TO THE PRESENT DAY!” 

The Door teleported. 

A huge bang occurred “Who is that?” Said Lord Antonio. 

He went to exit and opened it “Hey! Watch where you're going, you nearly hit my robot.” It was Winston Churchill. Talking about robots!!?? 

“Robot????” Spoke Antonio shocked 

“Yes robot, wait, you're not German, are you? Blue eyes blonde hair!” 

“To be fair, I was only trying out blonde because I found it in a shower & also, I’m going to try out blue & green later.” 

Churchill looked at him curiously. He pulled out a pistol and pulled the trigger at Lord Antonio.  

“Gah! It’s empty!”Lord Antonio tripped over the robot and broke it. “You broke my robot! Troops get him!” 

Antonio flew off in The Door. 

“Great, my time machine mixed up in time zones.” 

“Wait! I must have landed on Kylo! They love to rein act history!” 

“Wait, I forgot all about David! He must be dead! I would need a time machine to save him now!” He paused for a moment. 

“Wait, I Do!” He chuckled 

He sat down in his chair 

“My amazing time machine! Take me to 1588 on 23 July at exactly 12:34!” 

He went back on Kylo. He went outside. 

“Come with me David, I have come to save you.” 

“Sir? How did you get here?! 

“Long Story...”