As part of Carr Hill’s ‘We are Reading Challenge’ we have created a number of 'student author’ posts. The work of our student authors will regularly be shared on the website, in editions of our school magazine and other communication channels. In the next of our student author contributions Year 8 Harry shares the next chapter of his story-The Lord: Attack of The Kyethers Volume 3  Thank you, Harry.

David was confused, who was this man? Why had he just fallen from the sky? And why was he acting so peculiar? Anyway, Lord Antonio had just passed out. He carried him to his car and was about to ring an ambulance when all in unison, everyone’s phone flashed a green light and a sort of shockwave instantly flew through the park. David looked around, everyone's eyes were completely black; like the black on the eyes of a POP Vinyl. Suddenly, everyone faced David and started to walk towards him like some sort of zombie group. Without a thought, David instantly pushed Lord Antonio into the boot and started up his car’s engine. But it was too late, the mesmerized people were climbing on his car and tried to smash through. He swiftly pressed the lock button and attempted to drive off. He tried to restart the engine numerous times and it didn’t go. In a beat, Lord Antonio rose up and pulled out his Ython Blaster and pulled the trigger. He collapsed again once more, the car they were in started to fade and teleported. “WHAT THE! HEY!” spoke David; gobsmacked. They arrived in some sort of laboratory, David started to panic, where was he? Lord Antonio’s body rolled out of the boot and made a thump on the floor. It was so loud, that a small green alien ran in and blasted David with a laser gun. The diminutive alien made some weird noise and dragged David’s paralyzed body and put him in some sort of container. He put a timer on for 120 minutes. Meanwhile, Lord Antonio’s body woke;“ uuh!” he  heavily breathed, “ w w w where am I?” He stood up and looked around. “No, no,no!” He recognized this place, his father Glados had told him about this place. That pulled a heart-string- thinking about his father. He looked at his reflection in a glass chemical beaker. His clothes were ripped from the fall, he had scars all over him, he looked awful. He noticed the briefcase in the boot of the car, he opened it and found a red leather trench coat, a pair of jeans, red converse, a green T-Shirt and two pots of hair dye- blue and green. He took the briefcase and peeped around the corner of the door and looked left and right he saw a sign- men's toilet. “There must be a shower in there” he spoke. Meanwhile, David was still paralyzed, he was starting to turn orange however, there was still 110 minutes on the timer. The green alien was running around the room pulling switches and pressing buttons. It heard a sort of water flowing from a nearby room. The alien picked up its gun and slowly creeped through the hallway; he listened out where the sound was coming from and followed it. The sound lead to the men’s bathroom. He slowly turned the handle “AAAAAHHHHH!!!” Screamed Lord Antonio, “Don’t you have any manners? "The Alien stood there in confusion, Lord Antonio picked up his Ython Blaster and shot at the alien. He got changed into his new clothes and looked in the mirror, “hey, this looks good. I might save the hair dye for another day though’’. “Hey where’s that David human gone?”. He awkwardly stepped past the alien’s body and casually strolled through the corridor in search for David. When he eventually got to the room that David was in, his eyes instantly caught the container. “No, no, no, no!” he said horrified. “This could only be the work by a Kyether!” There was 87 minutes on the timer. He pulled out his Ython blaster once more and shot at it. The glass started to shatter, and David fell out and collapsed into Lord Antonio’s hands. David couldn’t speak, he tried but nothing worked. Lord Antonio placed him on a table and started to observe him. He was in orange-skinned, Lord Antonio realized what was happening to David- he was turning into a Kyether! He searched the room his was in, in order to create an antidote. David’s phone started to vibrate, Lord Antonio pulled it out of David’s jacket and looked at the screen. There was screaming & flames in a town, Lord Antonio stared at it, the Kyehters had taken over, earth needed a hero. Earth needed him. 

 He placed the phone against the wall and connected lots of circuits to his sonic blaster, he pulled the trigger at the phone and created a portal. He placed the blaster down and walked through the portal. When he got out, he was in New York, he briskly charged through the city and headed for the Empire state building. When he got there, bricks from the roof started to fall, he picked one up and smashed each window to enable him to climb it. About one-quarter from the top, he felt a hand clutch onto his leg, he looked down and saw a mesmerized person. They creepily smiled at him and started to tug at his leg. Lord Antonio tightly held on, but it was no use. When he was just about to fall, a spaceship rose behind him. A kyether lunged out at him and threw him into the ship. The Spaceship rose even more and hovered above the Empire State. The roof of the spaceship started to open, and Lord Antonio was carried up to the top. The leader of the Kyether’s was stood there; holding a sword, he waved it around. The rest of the Kyethers were stood in an elongated shape on the edge of the ship,  “Feemae Ho, Feemae Ho!” They chanted. The leader of the Kyethers spoke English to Lord Antonio,   “Tom Dylan...”“ I have been watching you...”“ Ever since you fell from that time machine, one of my men collected the atoms from it and re-created it...’’  “WHAT! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!” “However, you have to win it from me.” Spoke the leader. “You can’t do that! It says so in the Intergalactic laws on section 27!”  “Who taught you that? Daddy?” He mimicked. “I demand a fight- by fist.” The Kyether leader accepted and dropped his sword. He charged at Lord Antonio and wrestled him to the floor. “Feemae Ho! Feemae Ho!” The Kaethers chanted even louder.  “Don’t challenge someone you can’t win against, Tom!”  “Never! And plus, my name is Antonio! And I am a Lord of both peace and justice! I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!” As he said that, he pushed the Leader off the ship. The Leader fell to his death. “Now go! Before you end up like your leader!” Lord Antonio leaped down to the top of the Empire State,“GO!!!” He angrily ordered them. At that note, they zoomed off back to their home planet- Kyetho. 

Lord Antonio climbed down and walked to the portal, when he got back to the laboratory. He closed the portal and spent about 3 hours developing a cure for David. He gave him a shot and he went back to his original form. “Thank you, sir” Thanked David. “May I ask what your name is by the way?” “My name is Lord Antonio. And... well... I don’t think we can get out of here”. “Can’t you just use your gun again?” “Don’t call it a gun, I don’t like guns. It’s an Ython Blaster, and by the way, no. To teleport, it needs a sonic recharge, and the only place you can get that is from the AU45- my home.” “oh, I'm sorry to hear that” Apologised David. Out of nowhere, the door started to appear. “Oh, what now!” Shouted David, saying that, he turned into his Kyether form. "You've got some explained to do Lord Antonio...”