Carr Hill Sports Leaders invited Year 5 and Year 6 students to try their hand at fencing this week.


Leading the event was an external company, Premier Sport, who delivered a master class in the art of fencing. There were eight teams entered into the festival with 32 primary school students participating and 17 Carr Hill Sports Leaders supporting the afternoon activity.


At the end of the festival the results were as follows:

1st (Newton Bluecoats (56 points)  

2nd: St Joseph’s (48 points)

3rd: Wesham (45 points)


Highest Scoring Boy: Timmy from St Michael’s – 18 points

Highest Scoring Girl: Grace from Wesham – 16 points


The visit was part of a wider sports partnership which Carr Hill delivers to all its local primary schools. Mr Doughty, Sports Partnership Officer, said: “Fencing is not a sport which would usually feature in the curriculum so it was great to introduce the students to something new. Many students showed a real natural ability and learnt very quickly which was impressive. It was a great effort all round- well done.”


Fencing 2019