Year 13 students have handwritten and delivered cards to residents at Milkbanke Care Home and Day Centre as part a countywide initiative to reduce loneliness amongst older people during the festive period.


Carr Hill staff contacted Mibanke after seeing their details on a list of homes across Lancashire which had signed up to the 'Cards for Kindness' scheme run by Lancashire County Council. The scheme hopes to tackle loneliness and isolation amongst older people as it is a key issue which can be magnified at certain times of the year such as Christmas. Students were given a list of names and wrote personalised cards to each of the residents.


Year 13 Katie said: “It’s been nice to meet the residents and talk to them about their families. It felt good to drop off the Christmas and wish them all a merry christmas.”


Fellow Year 13 Niall said: “As I was writing my cards I thought about the person receiving it and how nice it must be to think that someone has taken the time to wish you a happy Christmas even though they don’t know you. Visiting Milbanke has been a new experience because I’ve never been to a nursing home before. I enjoyed meeting new people and chatting to them about everyday things. Everyone was so easy and to talk to and had a great sense of humour."


Head of Sixth Form Mrs Coulthard said: “Our students were keen to get involved in the 'Cards for Kindness' scheme and support older people in their community. It was lovely to have the opportunity to deliver the cards in person and spend some time at Milbanke. I think our students gained a lot from the experience and enjoyed the opportunity to do something for others.”