As part of Carr Hill’s ‘We are Reading Challenge’ we have created a number of 'student author’ posts. The work of our student authors will regularly be shared on the website, in editions of our school magazine and other communication channels. In the next of our student author contributions Year 10 Benjamin shares the next chapter of his story-The Assassin’s Last Victims; Part Six. Thank you, Benjamin.

He slowly but quickly tripped over to Tamara King and politely like a gentleman asked, “Tamara, please may you distract the tall guy in front of that room over there. (pointing at near the room).” She thought for a few minutes, then responded, “Okay then, but you have to give and help me plan and do a heist, a jewelry heist.”  

Eventually, he rejoined, “Okay then, I’ll get the jewelry store floor plans and you get the equipment.” Tamara King distracted the man using her sexy looking beautiful body whilst he sneaked inside. Inside the Head of Security’s office room, it was painted grey, and it had only one floor-to-ceiling window, which faced the main road. On the grey desk sat a desktop computer, a notebook lying open, and a stack of papers sitting under a turtle-shaped paperweight. In a corner, the air conditioner was blasting at medium, and there was a swivel chair in the middle of the office. A bookshelf, bursting with books was in a corner, with yet another stack of papers under a paperweight that was shaped to look like a tuft of grass. 

 A few pens were lying on the papers, but some had fallen onto the top of the bookshelf. A sheet of paper had Alex Younger written, underneath the word, ‘TARGETS’ also with Donald Trump’s name above his. He pulled out his Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and took a photo of the ‘TARGETS’ list, then he left the Head of Security’s office room. Tamara and he quickly rushed away back to her private en-suite hotel room. Inside her hotel room was as perfect as a fine English tea of small cakes. The lace was white, the pink as fresh as a baby's smile and everything with the fragrance of lavender. This was his hotel room for the next two months till he can get another one.  

Afterwards, he asked, “Tamara is it okay if I stay here for the next month or two? Also, can I borrow your shower?” Tamara returned, “Yes but if you order any food you have to clean it up and there can be no parties without my permission and (handing over copy of hotel key) don’t lose this, it’s your only one!”  He nodded his head up and down, at that moment he left the living room and headed into the bathroom and started running a hot shower.  Soon after, he had finished his long hot shower and was changed into a white blank t-shirt with white ripped jeans and Nike Air Max white with the Nike tick black trainers. Also, he had a Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 Classic smartwatch with his army dog tags, from when he was fighting for Britain as an Armed Force Officer.