Three Year 7 students have been awarded for their creativity following Carr Hill’s short story competition as part of the school’s ‘We are Reading’ initiative.


Bailee was awarded first place for her story entitled: ‘Under My Eyelids’, while Makenzie received second place for her story called: ‘Luck saved the Day’ and finally, Lucie was given third place for her story: ‘A Winter Dream’.


Bailee said: "My short story has a horror theme and the idea behind it is something I came up with in an English lesson."


Makenzie said: "My idea developed from a story I wrote in primary school."


Lucie said: "I got inspiration for my story from two other books I have recently read." 


Assistant Headteacher Mr Morton said: “Congratulations to all three students on their short stories. Each story was original, showed a great deal of creativity and was deserving of one of the top three places. Well done to Bailee, Makenzie and Lucie. I hope to have the opportunity to read more of your work in the near future.”