Year 11 students have received the results of their Pre Public (Mock) Exams for Science and English.


Earlier this term pupils sat exams for Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English Language. The results are an indication of the level at which students are working at and the exams themselves will help staff to identify ‘gaps’ in learning which can be focused on over the spring term.  


Many students are already achieving the higher grades with a number of students being awarded the top grade of a 9. Students Danielle and Imogen gained straight 9’s across all  four subjects and both hope to study medicine eventually.


Danielle said: “I was expecting 7’s so the 9’s are a shock but I’m happy.”


Imogen said: “I really pleased with my grades and I’ll be continuing to work towards achieving those grades in my other subjects next term.”


Fellow student Max achieved two 9’s, an 8 and a 7. He said: “These results have made me feel more confident and have given me something to work towards.”


Year 11 will sit PPE’s in their other subjects in January 2019.