As part of Carr Hill’s ‘We are Reading Challenge’ we have created a number of ‘student author’ posts. The work of our student authors will regularly be shared on the website, in editions of our school magazine and other communication channels. In the fourth of our student author contributions Year 8 Harry shares the start of his story- The Lord: The Pilot. Thank you, Harry.

Tom Dylan was an ordinary 25-year-old man. He worked as a photographer for the ‘Got Any More News?’ Company. Every day was the same: get up, shower, eat and go to work. It was a cycle he couldn’t escape. He was all alone with no one to speak to.

One day he woke up; ready to restart his daily routine once again. “Uh”, he grumbled, “Yet again I have to repeat this cycle of doom”. He got up and was about to get in the shower when he saw a clock- he was late! “This might be the most surprising thing I have had in ages!” He thought to himself, he grabbed his camera got into his uniform and swiftly left his house.

On his way to work he went through the motorway and went faster than he had ever been in his car. Suddenly he heard a hiss; as if something was de-inflating. He stepped outside his car and encountered a strange red glowing crystal wedged into his wheel. "Whoa”, he thought to himself. He leant over and went over to touch the mysterious crystal. Just as he touched the crystal he blacked out...

When Tom Dylan woke up, he was in a spaceship; he was in space! However he couldn’t remember who he was, he couldn’t remember what happened to him- he couldn’t remember anything. He stood up and looked around a blue figure dressed in some sort of knight armor was looking at him, “AAAHHH!!!!! You’re an Alien” Tom Dylan Screamed. “AAAAAHHH!!!!!! You’re a human” Screamed the blue figure even louder; running away.          “Don’t worry about him”, called a grey figure in a low tone, “Come with me”.

After years of life in space Tom Dylan (now known as Antonio) & the grey figure; who was called Glados; grew a relationship of trust and friendship. Then all of a sudden one day Glados asked Antonio to be his son! Antonio accepted the thought and said yes. Glados already had a son called Rave. They also grew a large relationship aswell. When Rave was 18 there was a ceremony for all the 18 year olds on the spaceship to congratulate them on becoming an adult. “Listen son” Said Glados, “ I need you to promise me this- if anyone questions your appearance, say you are phalametic”( people from Phala were aliens who were in the form of humans). “Ok Dad” Said Antonio.

Later in the ceremony, Antonio was made a lord by the leader of the spaceship- Glados. “Wow I never knew Dad was in charge of this spaceship” Said Antonio. “Yeah me nether” Said Rave “Wait, why were you made a Lord? Your 43!” “Not anymore, when I first got here Dad injected me with crysaline- making me younger” Said Antonio. “Oh” Said Rave “That’s very cool Antonio". "I mean Lord Antonio”. They smiled at each other.

As soon as the ceremony ended Rave was furious. “WHY WAS I NOT MADE A LORD!!!!!” He bellowed.                                                              “Oops sorry, I must of made a mistake” Apologized Glados,” Oh by the way Antonio, I got you a gift, a time machine” Antonio gazed upon a floating door; he stepped inside and saw a seat with a headset. “Gee, thanks Dad!” Lord Antonio said.

That night Rave snuck down from his cabin and went to the time machine. He went inside and swapped the Binary with an ezmay circuit. That meant that when Lord Antonio travelled, he would crash and wouldn’t be able to travel home. When he got back to his cabin he got into bed and thought to himself- he needed a new name- he wanted something villainous; evil in fact. The name that came to his mind was Mr. Blood; he thought it was perfect.

The next Morning Lord Antonio wanted to try out his time machine Mr. Blood watched as the time machine started to fade. Out of nowhere a green beam of light went onto him! He was going with it!

The time machine went zooming down. Sparks started to occur inside, Lord Antonio was trying everything to stop it. Nothing was working. The outside door started to burn up into ashes.“I WILL SURVIVE THIS!” Said Mr. Blood “I AM THE RIGHTFULL LORD!!!!!!!!”...