As part of Carr Hill’s ‘We are Reading Challenge’ we have created a number of ‘student author’ posts. The work of our student authors will regularly be shared on the website, in editions of our school magazine and other communication channels. In the third of our student author contributions Year 10 Ben shares the first part of his story, The Assassin’s Last Victims. Thank you, Ben.


The Assassin’s Last Victims part One by Year 10 Ben

Two short months earlier, he was on a bright metallic white and red Virgin Airlines plane to the scorching hot Bahamas, the tropical island of the Caribbean. His tropical sunflower shorts and his Hawaii tropical shirt were as bright as the sun on a hot summer's day. He was sitting in the window seat of an airplane aisle, next to an old woman. At her age she should have had one leg already in her grave. She had gunmetal-grey short hair and had jaded colored eyes which were twinkling like the bright stars, with faded parchment skin like vellum. Her clothes were tatty and ragged, she wore a knitted emerald green sweater, probably not knowing the weather in Bahamas, with old shorts that look like they were from the 1950’s fashion line but she had an angelic amiable smile with a weak and fragile voice. 

The bright metallic white and red Virgin Airlines plane was slowly descending circled twice before coming into land. It was the sort of plane that would barely have been noticed, flying in this part of the world. That was why it had been chosen. If anyone had been curious enough to check the registration number, printed under the wing, it wasn’t an actual Virgin Airlines plane it was a Russian Beriev A-100 aircraft military plane. The pilot announced over the intercom, in a Russian accent, “We’re now landing in the Caribbean island of Bahamas, international warning of scorching hot heats of 31 degrees Celsius! Wow, that’s hot, very hot!”  

The bright metallic white and red fake Virgin Airlines plane landed on the black broken tarmacked runway. It was a rough landing for the plane. Lots of young and old, thin and fat passengers started to disembark of the bright metallic white and red fake Virgin Airlines plane and headed towards the matte white with black striped building called, ‘Airport Terminal’. He slowly started promenading over to the building. Inside the Airport Terminal, he described the airport as like a sea of faces moving in an unseen current, flowing like water to their destinations like a wide river down the aisles. Small groups would sometimes stop and cause a small eddy, but the others would flow around the outside and continue their way.

After, he’d collected his luggage, which was a brown leather suitcase from Baggage Claim with his aluminum silver cabin suitcase he’d carried on heading towards the metallic sterling silver Eaves-way Caribbean coach. It was massive! It could fit up-to 80 people with area for their storage luggage. He quickly wandered onto the Eaves-way Caribbean coach. The seats were made from full grain white leather fur from a Polar Bear, from the Canadian forests of New-found-land Highland forests. It felt like pure ursus maritimus and baby seal fur. He sat in the third seat towards the back of the Eaves-way Caribbean coach. Again, he was sat next to the old woman from on the fake Russian Virgin Airlines aircraft plane.