We have been continuing to enjoy the posts on Miss C's Instagram page, regarding mental health and wellbeing. Miss Chauhan recently posted about the importance of changing and adapting our mindset, to make sure that we rise to every challenge and persevere when things get difficult. If we look at every challenge with a fixed mindset, giving up far too easily or focussing on the negatives, we will never have a chance of overcoming these difficulties and succeeding.

It may take longer, it may include listening to critique and feedback, which can be very hard to hear, or turning negative thoughts into positive ones. All of this is easy to say, and much harder to put into practice, but if every time we think "I can't do it" or "I give up", and change it into "I can do it" or "I will ask for help", we have a chance of achieving a growth mindset and facing life's challenges head on. 


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