We have recently seen global demonstrations and signs of support for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign. Mr Waller finished his weekly update letter to Parents with a poem written by Natalie, one of our Year 7 students. "I was so impressed when I read this" says Mr Waller and we felt it should be shared.



Poem by Natalie – Year 7


I am a white 12 year old girl

My skin is the colour of a pearl

I would love to be brown

But I am so fair that I will never tan

Why do we spend some much time in the sun?

Then when people are darker than us, we make fun.


I can walk down the street without people stopping to stare

I am not scrutinised, I am not under the glare

I am not written off before my life begins

I am given every opportunity regardless of my sins.

My name is not judged before people meet me

I am accepted for who I am and for just being me.


Like my ancestors before me, the world is my oyster, I am free

I don’t know my heritage or my family tree

But I know it won’t be filled with suffering and pain

Unimaginable hardship for someone else’s gain.

The stories I could tell won’t bring a tear to the eye

I can’t imagine telling stories where my relatives were beaten till they died.


I can’t even claim to understand what it feels like to be black

To be bullied, judged to be sneered at, to my face and behind my back

I can’t understand it, not because I have never experienced it or because I am ignorant or naïve.

But because I can’t understand how you can judge someone for not being like me.

Everyone one no matter the colour of their skin, has the right to be free

Black lives matter, every life matters, live and let be!