Two Year 11 students have developed a campaign to help raise awareness of the importance of making simple lifestyle changes to help the environment.


Gabrielle and Haidee share their ‘eco tip of the week’ every week via the school’s social media accounts and the TV screens around school. The tips are simple suggestions which students may choose to follow. These include things such as purchasing a reusable drinks bottle and turning the light off when you leave a room.


Gabrielle and Haidee are, like other young people their age such as blogger Bella Lack, keen to make changes now to improve the future for their generation and other generations to come.


Haidee said: “There are 1,000 students in school so we believe that by running the campaign at Carr Hill we can reach a lot of people and help young people think more about the things they buy or the actions they take and how that could impact the environment and our future.”


Gabrielle said: “Sometimes it’s hard to see how something small can have an impact but take the example of dropping litter. If one person drops litter it’s only one piece of litter but if everyone does it then it’s a big problem. Even something as simple as remembering to put litter in the bin can make a positive difference.”