As part of Carr Hill’s ‘We are Reading' challenge we have created a number of 'student author’ posts. The work of our student authors will regularly be shared on the website, in editions of our school magazine and other communication channels. In the next of our student author contributions Year 8 Harry shares the first part of his story, Adventure in the 40s. Introduction & Chapter 1  . Thank you, Harry.



Arthur Jackson was an 8-year-old boy who lived a normal life and enjoyed nothing more than going out with his friend James. They would ride all over the town of Sylverby on their bikes; they would ride up and down hills, they would mount beneath bridges. They would go anywhere; their favorite place to visit however was an alleyway which they would pretend to be policemen and ‘baddies’. They would never touch the fence at the end of the alleyway (or even go near it) because of the sign on it saying ‘high voltage’. After playing for hours upon end, they would say their goodbyes and cycle to their own houses. 


Chapter 1 

One day, James knocked on Arthur’s door and asked his mum if he could come out and play, 

“Of course!” Arthur’s Mum said. “Arthur! James is here!”

Arthur sprinted down the stairs; nearly tripping over, “Coming!” Arthur shouted. 

“Indoor voice Arthur,” Calmly said his Mum; chuckling. “Oh, by the way. You have to take Abbie with you.” Abbie was seven and Arthur’s little sister, she was a girl who loved nothing more but to wind up Arthur; but at the end of the day though, they were siblings. And they loved each other- even though they didn’t like to admit it. Abbie trotted over to Arthur and James, she was holding on to her bright pink scooter she had got for her birthday,

“Hi Arthur!” She smiled.                                       

“But, But, But!” Before he could finish his sentence, his mum had shut the door on him.

“Come on Abbie!” He reluctantly said.