Carr Hill invited students from local primary schools to take part in an Archery Festival run by Premier Sport.


The festival involved eight teams made up of 32 primary school students, with 16 of Carr Hill’s Sports Leaders supporting the event. The afternoon began with students practising their technique and getting used to the equipment. Following this there were four rounds from different distances and points scores were added together. As the scores were being verified each school had another few opportunities to perfect their archery skills before the winners were announced at the end of festival presentation.


The results were as follows:

Highest Scoring School: St Michael’s (227 points)

Highest Scoring Boy: Alfie (St Michaels – 71 points)

Highest Scoring Girl: Libby (Ribby – 67 points)


Mr Doughty, Sports Partnership and Academies Officer, said: “Congratulations to all the students who took part in the archery festival. The festival was a great opportunity to introduce students to a sport they may not have tried before. Despite many of the students being new to the sport they all gave it a really good go and began developing the skills needed for archery in a very short space of time. Well done everyone.


“Thank you to our Sports Leaders. Without them we could not deliver events such as these which give young people the chance to experience new sports.”


Archery 2019