As part of Carr Hill’s ‘We are Reading' challenge we have created a number of 'student author’ posts. The work of our student authors will regularly be shared on the website, in editions of our school magazine and other communication channels. In the next of our student author contributions Year 10 Ben shares the next parts of his story The White Estate Thank you, Ben.
Chapter One
The ghosts grabbed him and pulled him to the basement. He tried to scream but nothing came out. He beat against the arms of the ghosts, but his hands went through the ghosts. But then there was a shout and a tall man came out and sucked the ghosts up in a ghost vac and then took Jarvis to his car which was a matte black Aston martin DB11 with black rims and a drop top roof, the ghosts tried to follow but got stuck as the door had the invisible force field but the man broke the chip in Jarvis’s arm. The man took him to the DB11 and drove him to a HQ, he asked the boy why he was at the White Estate and the boy said, ‘I was there as me and my friends decided to do a dare who came out first lost.’ but the man said, ‘WHAT you mean that there are more kids in there?’ ‘Yes.’ said Jarvis with a bit of terror in his eyes ‘My friends are in there with whatever else is in there.’ 
Chapter Two: The plan for the 3 boys 
‘How could you leave the other boy’s in there?’ said the man, his name was Mr Woodrow Simpson and he was the head of the organisation called Simpson and Co, it was an agency used to hunt down paranormal activity like the White Estate and he was worried for the three boys still in the White Estate. The boys weren’t afraid as they thought it was just a prank, but it wasn’t. Mr Woodrow thought that the boys were in trouble, but they weren't as they thought it was a story, but it wasn’t. Woodrow decided to get the other boys out, but someone had broken his DB11. “Oh no.” said Mr Simpson, “That car cost me £150,000 alone not including upgrades, when I find who broke it, I will personally break every bone in their body.” This was bad as there was no way to get to the boy’s now as it was 60 miles away.  “This is hopeless.” cried Jarvis “My friends will die to those ghosts.” “Man up boy, we will find your friends.” Now the epic hunt for the boys in the house will begin.