Year 11 and Year 13 received the results of their Pre Public Exams this week. The results of these ‘mock’ exams have given students and staff a clear picture of the progress being made and are a platform from which to move upwards ahead of the summer exams.


Year 11 Nathan, who achieved a number of Grade 8’s amongst his impressive results, said: “I worked hard to prepare for these exams and the results are what I was hoping for. I’ve got time to improve on them further though which I’m going to focus on now.”


Year 11 Ella, who was most pleased with her Grade 8’s in Art and RS, said: “I’m happy and surprised with my results. They have definitely boosted my confidence and helped me to see how I’m doing in all my subjects."


Year 13 Tansy, who’s grades included two A’s, said: “I’m pleased with my results and I feel optimistic about the summer exams. My teachers and I have already started looking through my papers to see how I did.”  


Headteacher Mr Waller said: “There are undoubtedly some outstanding individual achievements following the PPE Exams. I hope all our students will use the results they have received this week as a springboard to reach for those target grades and beyond. There are now just 13 weeks until the beginning of exam season, every day, every lesson and every extra revision class counts. I would advise all our students to make the most of the time, resources and opportunities they have.”