As part of Carr Hill’s ‘We are Reading Challenge’ we have created a number of 'student author’ posts. The work of our student authors will regularly be shared on the website, in editions of our school magazine and other communication channels. In the next of our student author contributions Year 8 Amelia shares the first few chapters of her story-Missing. Thank you, Amelia.

Long time ago there was a place called Luminas and The King Edward and the Queen Maggie had twin baby girls. Willow and Ashley, Willow has: blue eyes which contain a power to control weather, Blond hair that goes to her heels and always has to wear pink clothing and shoes. Ashley has: pink eyes which contain a power to see into the future and past, Black hair that goes to her hips and always has to wear purple.

Chapter 1 The Start

On the girls’ 11th birthday on the 7th June, Willow and Ashely were playing in their bedroom with their new toys when their father (the king) walked in with a sad look and said “Willow please come with me” but then the girls looked at each other with surprise “Why father? Can Ashley come?” Willow asked with a sad smile “no” he dreaded to say “But father the future demands us to be together to be successful” Ashley begged “I’m sorry girls” the king said and grabbed Willow’s hand and left Ashley they both whispered goodbye and Ashely knew this wouldn’t end well but if her father did something it was serious. But after that Ashely never saw her twin again, she tried to look in the past to see what happened but all she saw was Willow’s sad face saying good bye. The place where Willow went was called Muse-Land the kingdom of The Creative Arts. King Alexander and Queen Penelope, Edward’s sister is Penelope so that’s why he is taking Willow there. “Why hello Edward. This must be Willow happy birthday dear, Edward why have you come here?” Penelope graced “Willow’s going to be staying here for a while” Edward answered but whispered to Penelope it looked quite serious.

 Chapter 2 The Great Day.

“Willow time to get up” Penelope tunefully asked from outside the door. It was Willow and Ashley’s 16th Birthday. Willow hopped out of her Pink coloured king sized bed and got into her favourite dress which had flowers all over and a big pink ribbon and went on her balcony and wondered where Ashley was and when she is coming back “where are you Ash?” she cried. Over in Luminas Ashley jumped out of her Queen sized purple bed and put on her favourite dress it had glitter which was blue and the rest of the dress was purple and put a magenta coloured big ribbon in her hair, she always rides her unicorn Mallory on her birthday but she would normally do it with Willow and her horse Lucy the pinkish unicorn but when she left she took Lucy with her. Ashley finally got the courage to ask her farther when Willow will come home. “’s Willow and where did you take her?” Ashley questioned “Honey who’s Willow? Is she a new friend from Lummy High?” Edward slowly said with a sorry look on his face “Sweet pea come here” Maggie asked pulling her daughter to her room “Get on Mallory and go to Muse-land the kingdom of The Creative Arts that’s where you’ll find Willow” Maggie pleaded with a tear running down her face and without questioning Ashley ran to the stable and jumped onto Mallory’s back and they both ran through the forest trying to get to Muse-Land it took a week but she finally got there by sunset. Meanwhile Willow was sat on her bed sobbing wondering where on earth Ashley was but she heard a shout for her name “IT MUST BE ASH” Willow shouted in her mind she ran to her balcony and saw a girl with a purple cape on top of a Magenta coloured unicorn (that was Mallory) shouting her name so Willow shouted Ashley’s name back and Ashley saw Willow up there with her pink princess dress, so she ran into the Castel and went to Willows room and they were hugging and gossiping until midnight but all that happiness would end because Penelope ran up the flights of stairs and burst through the door with a look of horror on her face and she cried “Ashley you need to get out of here now your dad is coming and he said if Ashley doesn’t come down I’ll kill Willow and Ashley” Penelope whispered in fear “what…OKAY LET’S GO ASHY” Willow panicked “okay bye auntie. To the unicorns” Ashley and Willow heard their father coming up the stairs “rip down the curtains and tie them up it will create a long rope” Ashley whispered they ripped down every curtain that was in the room Willow grabbed her pink cape while Ashley was hanging out the window when she heard Penelope scream so she hoped back into her room seeing her dead aunt lying there with Ashley’s favourite dagger “NO! ASHELY WHY.NOOOO” Willow cried in horror, blood spewed out like a volcano “I DIDN’T DO NOTHIN” Ashley pleaded in whispers “Well you did, if you didn’t do it what’s this?” Willow shouted while holding the dagger “ I DON’T KNOW” Ashely looked actually scared because she didn’t want to lose the trust of her sister.

Chapter 3 The Suspicious

Five days passed and the girls both tied up in the Luminas castle dungeon. “Queen Penelope and King Alexander were found dead in the castle of Muse-Land with a suspicious looking dagger with the prints of Princess Ashely of The Kingdom of Luminas but the police are asking around for eye witnesses” the TV said on the news, “How could you Ashy? Just because she was our auntie and she’s the one I trusted the most you didn’t have to kill her” Willow cried looking away from her twin “I told you, I DIDN’T KILL AUNT PENELOPE! Why don’t you trust me?” Ashely yelled trying to persuade her sister and herself she didn’t do it “Well, well, Well, both of my daughters in the Dungeon for murder never thought I’d see the day Ashely got arrested” The king sarcastically looked over “You fully well know I didn’t do it” Ashley angry stared at her father “Ashy if you just tell the truth you won’t get blamed and I’ll forgive you” Willow begged with the look that says ‘I know you did it so I’ll just wait for you to admit it’ “Okay firstly, I know what look you’re giving me so don’t even try” Ashley sassily told her sister “And secondly I feel like you trust the father that took you away for five years  and never let me see you over me” Ashley looked away from Willow from disappointment “No I trusted my sister but now that trust is now flushed down to hell” Willow cried “Girls, pst…over here” a stranger whispered in the next door cell “Who are you” Ashley looked over into the cell “It’s me your mother” Queen Maggie looked dreadful a covered in filth “mother what happened to you” Willow cried “Your STUPID father happened to me, I was looking in the stable wanting to see my darling girls but then a sack covered my head here I am” Maggie sighed “Hey….um Ashley can you look into the future to see if we survive” Willow asked trying to convince herself she won’t die “Let me think about it…..NO” Ashley aggressively yelled quietly “Come on, please I’ll do anything” Willow begged “No because you don’t even begin to think if I would kill my auntie. And why should I do anything for you, what did you do for me, did you make rain when Great-Great Grammy Luna the Queen of the night my idol, the person I wished I could be or made it sunny when it was our 11th birthday so then we could ride our unicorns and you would have never gone away” Ashley screamed in anger “Wait we had a great-great Grammy?” Willow shouldn’t have asked that because when she’s angry her eyes bright red that means she is grinding up every happy memory and chucks it deep into her sole “GIRLS STOP ARGUING FOR ONCE. We are probably going to die from your demented father”.