As part of Carr Hill’s ‘We are Reading Challenge’ we have created a number of ‘student author’ posts. The work of our student authors will regularly be shared on the website, in editions of our school magazine and other communication channels. In the second of our student author contributions Year 10 Max has written a short story which is untitled. Thank you, Max.

The Enchanted Isle and the Quest for the Tomb By Year 10 Max 


He hopped from tree to tree, the wind rushing past him. The sound of falling leaves echoed through the forest. The only other sound being the grunts of the orc party that he had been tracking. He could see them more clearly now, three of them, 6 feet tall and 190 pounds of bulking muscle. Their green skin shining in the sun like emeralds on a warm day. They were hunting weak travelers for money and food.  
He was above them now looking down as they surrounded a feeble traveler. They were closing for the kill when he leaped from the branch that was supporting his weight. He drew his bow and landed a shot between the first orc's eyes. Shortly after he landed gracefully between the traveler and the remaining orcs. The orc to his left drew his orcish club and brandished around with both hands. The speed that the club was spinning took him by surprise and he had to use all his effort to stay upright. 
Then he saw his chance. Dropping the bow and quickly pulling a dagger from his belt he dashed around the orc, trying to stay low, and with one swift movement, the orc fell to the ground. The traveler stood, jaw dropped in the middle of the track. The final orc had had enough so he roared with a roar that would strike fear into the heart of any regular man. But this man was by no means regular. He stared the orc in the eyes whilst the orc drew his war hammer and rested it on his shoulder, ready to swing. Without warning the orc leaped forward and knocked him off his feet, sending him sailing into a tree. 
The tree creaked and the leaves rustled as he moaned like a door with creaky hinges. The orc stomped over to him just as he got up. He felt around for his trusty dagger but it wasn't there. He panicked, scanning the forest floor for it but he couldn't see it. "This is going to get messy,":he thought to himself as he began trying to find foot holes in the tree. The orc charged head first, raising his hammer above his head but he leaped and the orc went headfirst into the towering oak tree.  
In the air, he twisted forcing away from the tree and rapping his arm around the orc. It gagged, stumbling and dropping his hammer. He took this chance and turned his arm forcing the air out of his lungs, he turned again but this time hearing the satisfying crunch of bone and the orc thudded to the floor. By this point, the traveler had gone on his way but dropping his money pouch in the process. He picked up the pouch and pocketed it quickly. After collecting his belongings and taking anything worthwhile from the orcs this strange man continued along the trail. Once again he hadn't been beaten because he was Xenu, the Conqueror.