Online Safety Support

The safety of our students both in school and online is of paramount importance to us. If you have any concerns please do contact us and use the advice and support of the websites listed. 


ThinkUKnow is a website with advice and support for parents,carers and children on how to stay safe online. 




Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) is a Police website offering advice and support regarding online safety. The website has the facility for you to report any issues regarding the suspected online sexual exploitation of children. 





Public Health England - Information

Exploring Social Media

Online stress and FOMO (Fear of missing out)

Bullying and cyberbullying



National Online Safety


National Online Safety provide a variety of information and guidance for parents relating to online safety and age-appropriate apps and sites that children can access.

Here are 5 posters relating to TikTok, Online Bullying, Twitter, New Devices and HiPal which you may find useful.

TikTok Guidance

Combat Online Bullying

Twitter Guidance

Stay Safe on New Devices

HiPal Guidance


General Guides

National Online Safety have produced helpful guides to all apps and websites parents and young people may be using. A selection is available below, for more information visit their website - National Online Safety

14 Ways to be Kind Online

How to Clean Devices Guide

12 Social Media Online Safety Tips


Links for Parents/Carers - 

Amazon Alexa Safety Guide & Tips

Facebook Online Safety Guide

Minecraft Online Safety Guide

TikTok Online Safety Guide

Social Pressures Linked to ‘Appearance’ Online Safety Guide

Social Pressures Linked to ‘Social Media Influencers’ Online Safety Guide

Social Pressures Linked To ‘Friends and Followers’ Online Safety Guide

Social Pressures Linked To ‘Likes’ Online Safety Guide


Additional Links - Students

Bullying Guidance

Bullying and Harassment
Anti-Bullying Alliance

Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign


Online Safety, Support and Gaming Guidance

Online Safety

Common Sense Media

Online Safety
Cyber Aware

Digital Citizenship
Let's Fight It Together - YouTube video from Childnet International


Domestic, Sexual Abuse and Relationship Guidance

NSPCC - Helpline for those in education

0808 800 5000, complete the online form or email

Keeping safe in School


Child sexual exploitation
Know and see the signs

Teen relationships
Act on it

Gender identity




Drugs Guidance


The Recovery Village

Teen Addiction

Legal highs
OASIS partnership
How we deal with legal highs


Drugs support
Talk to Frank


Wellbeing and Mental Health Guidance

Mental health issues
Young Minds


Positive messages
Kid President

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