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Here are a copy of the letters to parents/carers from Mr Waller - 

14 July 2023


As we are approaching the summer holidays, we have been informed that students in receipt of free school meals will get a voucher for £90 for each child to cover the 6 weeks. I also attach a flyer with further information about access to reduced price meals for  children over summer.

Cheaper Meal Deals


05 July 2023 - Shadow Timetable


Broadcast 03 July 2023

On May 18th we had a monitoring visit by Ofsted and the result of that has now been sent to us. This was not an inspection that could change the overall grade of the school and so for now that has to remain the same.  However we are very pleased with the outcome of the visit and it is clear that a lot of progress has been made since the last inspection. I would encourage you to read the whole letter because it is overwhelmingly positive and encouraging. The letter states that:

  • Leaders have made progress to improve the school
  • The curriculum is increasingly ambitious
  • We have invested in SEN and this increased capacity has enabled the school  'to focus more closely on improving the quality of education for this group.' We have ensured that pupils with SEND 'have access to a wide range of learning experiences' and students with SEND are 'achieving more highly than they have done in the past'
  • The school is seeing the impact of actions taken after the last inspection
  • As a result of actions taken students are knowing more and remembering more
  • We have further developed strategies that were already in place to support students who find reading difficult
  • We have embedded the behaviour policy
  • Students were clear that expectations for their behaviour are higher
  • Actions taken ‘have enabled you to continually improve pupils’ experiences at school’

We are given two areas to focus on:

We are asked to ensure that the curriculum is delivered consistently well and that we support the small number of students who are not meeting the high expectations of behaviour to improve.

These were areas that we were already aware of and working on. Quality assurance shows good delivery of an ambitious curriculum in most areas of the school and we know where we need to improve. I am pleased that the inspector recognised that the majority of students get it right day in day out and that it is only a small number who are struggling with the high expectations. Nevertheless we need to continue to work with those students, support and challenge them so that their behaviours improve and do not have an impact on the learning and wellbeing of others.

As a school we have always worked to improve continuously and it is really pleasing to see that being recognised by Ofsted. 


Andrew Waller

Ofsted Monitoring Inspection Letter


30 June 2023


23 June 2023


16 June 2023

SHINE MHST Newsletter June 2023


08 June 2023


Broadcast 19 May 2023

The Ofsted Monitoring visit of the school yesterday went very well and I am pleased with the conclusions of the inspector. The official letter from Ofsted to parents will not be published by them for a few weeks yet. Thank you to the students of our school who were a credit yesterday.

Lancashire Authority has informed us that they have received additional funding and so the Free School Meal Voucher scheme for the holiday period will continue. Vouchers of £15 will be distributed in the normal way for May Half Term to parents/carers in receipt of free school meals.

Thank you to Year 11 who have all been present for exams in this first week and have been well behaved in the exam hall. Please continue to encourage them to get in to school in good time for the exams starting at 9am and they are still in full time for exams, class or revision sessions next week.

As the weather does look to be getting a little warmer next week, please do ensure students have water bottles which can be filled up before school, at break and lunchtime.

Please be aware that there are temporary traffic light on Kirkham High Street and more will be appearing. This is likely to cause some delay and congestion in the area.



12 May 2023

Walk to School Poster


05 May 2023


28 April 2023

Timetable for 2 May 2023


21 April 2023

Parent/Carer GCSE Exam Stress Handout

Start of Summer Term 2023 Presentation


24 March 2023

New Ticket Prices 2023


17 March 2023


10 March 2023

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Strike Letter - Day 3 and Day 4


3 March 2023

Essay Challenge Spring 2023

Information Sheet Spring 2023


24 February 2023

Easter Holiday Club Letter

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Strike Letter - Day 2

Shadow Timetable (if teacher is absent/no work is set on Synergy)


10 February 2023

Year 9 Vaccination Letter


3 February 2023

6 Nations Rugby and Multi-Sports Camp


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20 January 2023

Social Media and Mental Health

Wonder Week - Uniform Shop Special Offer


13 January 2023

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06 January 2023

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