Students host wellbeing day for their peers

A group of Year 9 students created and delivered the 5 Wow (Ways of Wellbeing) Day- inviting over 70 Year 7 and Year 8 students to take part in a series of wellbeing focused activities.

The activities for the day, which was created as a result of Lancashire Mind and Key Youth Charity’s 10 week wellbeing programme with the Year 9 students, all focused on one of five simple ways people can achieve and/or maintain positive wellbeing.

There were five activities throughout the day centering around the five ways to a Happier Lancashire- Learn, Be Active, Connect, Give and Take notice. The group of 12 Year 9 students created and planned each hour long activity and helped to deliver it to groups of 20 different students in Year 7 and Year 8 with the support of one of Key Youth Charity’s Wellbeing Coaches.

The activities ran as follows:

Learn- Students tried their luck to answer fun facts, true or false with prizes for the winners. They were also encouraged to choose a book from the library on a topic they wanted to learn more about.

Be Active- Students took part in a series of activities in the sports dome including trampolining, table tennis and badminton before finding out more about the many ways to be active.

Connect- Students were paired with someone they haven’t spoken to before and given a list of questions to find out more about them, before taking part in some photo booth fun and sharing something interesting they had learnt about the other person.

Give- Students decorated fairy cakes and biscuits to handout to other students across the school. Positive and inspiring quotes were also given out with the cakes.

Take notice- Students made their own worry dolls and learnt some mindfulness techniques.

At the end of each session students were given more information about the Five Ways to Wellbeing.

Assistant Headteacher Mr Johnstone said: “I would like to thank our Year 9 Wellbeing Challengers Toni-May, Emma, Eden, Catlyn, Nyah, Katalina, Charlie, Callum, Nathan, Mackenzie, Destiny and Maddie for creating such a great event which helped other students learn about wellbeing in a fun and creative way. I would also like to thank them for taking part in the 10 week programme and hope they have taken a lot away from it.”

The Wellbeing Challenge helped Carr Hill students identify the health and wellbeing needs of the school and wider community whilst supplying them with the training, skills and support they need to build and deliver initiatives for their peers.

“As a school we are committed to helping our school community have a better understanding of wellbeing and mental health and the 5Wow Day is one of many opportunities our students will have to benefit from the support we are being given from Lancashire Mind and Key Youth Charity. This activity reached almost 100 students and the feedback we have received about the day and the activities our Year 9 students created has been brilliant. We hope this is an event we can continue to deliver in future years alongside other wellbeing initiatives.”


Student led wellbeing day 2020