A group of Year 9 students recently visited a local primary school to teach children there about the Five Pillars of Islam. Here Year 9 Muhammed tells us about the experience.


Our trip to Ribby with Wrea Primary school


Our trip was eye-opening as the classes of children observing, listening and learning the lesson we were delivering. This trip was aimed at teaching children of the primary school but ended up as a learning experience for us as well.


As we entered the school we each contemplated what we were going to say and what each person was going to cover in the presentation. We were to cover each of the five pillars of Islam to Years 1/2, 3/4 and 5/6 at different times. Each slide had lots of information to give to the children. We had included inclusive tasks, such as a quiz, and multiple questions that the children answered with joy. They enjoyed all the activities.


At the start of the presentation RS Teacher Mr. Churm had shown the primary school students what they would be learning about as he introduced the initial task that he would like the children to participate in. This task was to imagine that we were in a mosque. Then we introduced the five pillars with the first one in the Muslim belief which is Shahadah (in Arabic) which is belief in English, the primary school students seemed to catch on fast and answered some of the questions that we had brought up with confidence. After this, to help the primary school students remember the meanings of the words that were in Arabic we chanted with them the meaning in English.


After the first pillar we then continued to explain all of the other pillars of Islam (Salah, Zakat, Sawm and Hajj) these are all essentials for a Muslim to his faith and belief. After every slide a pillar was covered, then we presented to them a quiz to test if they had learnt anything from this joining of minds to learn the subject in hand. The quiz was a success as the primary school children had confirmed what they had learned today and had integrated the information to stay with these fruitful minds for eternity and beyond.