Year 10 student James is part of the Preston Royal Marine Cadet team which recently represented the North West Area at the Gibraltar Cup- an annual competition to win the cup for the country’s best RMC (Royal Marine Cadet) detachment.


The competition was held at the Royal Marines Commando Training Centre at Lympstone, Devon. It was a two day course which involved completing a tough obstacle course at the Royal Marine’s commando training centre, as well as six tasks on Woodbury common that tested navigation, observation, teamwork and communication skills. The tasks included a casualty evacuation exercise, a variety of battle drills and map reading.


James said: “I particularly enjoyed the obstacle course, even though it was very wet, windy muddy and cold. It was great to work as a team to complete tough physical challenges.”


Year 10 Year Leader Mrs Beasley said: “Congratulations to James and the rest of his team. What an achievement to represent the North West in a challenging national competition.”