Remote Learning Policy

Please find a copy of the school Remote Learning Policy here. 


Remote Learning Provision

Please click here to access a copy of our Remote Learning Provision overview. 


Guides on how to access Remote Learning

Mr Morton has created these easy to follow video guides of how to log onto Synergy using a laptop or computer, to access classwork, upload completed work and log into live lessons on Teams. 


Opening classwork on Synergy


Uploading completed work to Synergy


Logging into live lessons on Teams


Accessing live lesson recordings on Teams


Accessing Synergy using a mobile phone

Please find below some quick videos which show you how to access Synergy, view Lessons and Classwork, and upload completed work using a mobile phone. 

Logging into Synergy on a mobile phone


Accessing your classwork on Synergy using a mobile phone


Uploading completed work onto Synergy using a mobile phone


Remote Learning using a Games Console

Remote Learning can also be accessed through games consoles, for example, Playstation or XBox. Click below for a handy instruction guide.

Remote Learning using Games Console


The school day during Remote Learning

From Monday 11th January, the school day will be as follows for all students whether learning at home or in school. 


Years  7 and 8

Years 9, 10 and 11



9.10- 10.10        Period 1

9.10- 10.10        Period 1

10.10-11.10       Period 2

10.10-11.10       Period 2

11.10-11.25       Break

11.10-11.25       Break

11.25-12.25       Period 3

11.25-12.25       Period 3

12.25-13.10       Lunch

12.25-13.25       Period 4

13.10-14.10       Period 4

13.25-14.10       Lunch

14.10-15.10       Period 5

14.10-15.10       Period 5


Students should log into their Synergy account to access the lessons.


Behaviour for Remote Learning

Please find a copy of the school Behaviour Policy here. 


Behaviour Expectations during Live Lessons

By joining a live online lesson, students are agreeing to meet the following expectations - 

When I participate in live lessons, I will:

  • Make sure that I am muted, unless the teacher instructs otherwise
  • Decide to turn my camera on or off
  • Use a room that has a plain and appropriate background where possible
  • Respect all participants
  • Speak politely to all participants
  • Have something to write with and on
  • Not eat or drink during a lesson
  • Only use the ‘chat’ feature with the teacher to ask/answer questions
  • Be present for the whole session
  • Dress appropriately (for example, no pyjamas or anything revealing)
  • Not try to re-join the meeting once it has ended
  • Not take screen shots or recordings of any part of the meetings
  • Not post, manipulate or in any other manner display images or recordings from the meetings


NOTE: All live online lessons will be recorded by the teacher for safeguarding purposes. Students misbehaving may not be allowed to join future live lessons. Parents/carers will be informed of any poor behaviour


Parents/Carers Support with Remote Learning

Free Parent/Carer Support Course from Guide Education Learning Innovation

Support for parents/carers, inspiration for children - A free online course is available to enrich the teaching relationship with your child and gain insight into effective ways to complete school work from home. The course is available as a complete course, or just pick and choose the areas you would like help with. The course is very user friendly and resources are compiled by expert teachers and educators. Find out more by clicking here - Parent Support Course.


DfE Parent/Carer Guidance

Guidance for parents/carers of Secondary School children is available by clicking the link below. This update includes information on - 

  • Attendance during the period of national lockdown, including those who are clinically extremely vulnerable
  • Remote education
  • Changes to assessment and exams
  • Asymptomatic testing
  • Free school meals

Parent/Carer Guidance from the Department for Education


DfE restrictions on school attendance

The Department for Education have a number of restrictions regarding school attendance during the national lockdown. The following guides are available for further information, click the links below - 

Schools Guidance for all schools in England

What to do if a student in school tests positive

Critical workers and vulnerable children who can access schools or educational settings



Please find below a document called 'Restricting attendance during the national lockdown: Schools'. Pages 25 - 27 cover Attendance. 

Schools National Restrictions Guidance


ColorVeil - Screen filter

In this time of Remote Learning and increased screen usage, you may find this tool extremely helpful. The ColorVeil screen colour filter and dimmer tool allows you to add a colour filter over your computer screen, which stays on until you turn it off, so it covers every program you use and every website you visit. You can download it as a Zip file so it can be easily accessed without changing any settings on your computer. Once you click run, you access the settings using an icon on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen to turn it on and off, or to change the colour or the opacity (density of the colour). 

This tool would benefit students with dyslexia, or those who struggle to work on a screen due to eye strain. An orange coloured filter blocks out the blue light which is responsible for sleep deprivation. It really is so easy to use - click the link below to find out more information.



English - Literacy Online Learning


Accelerated Reader

Miss Gardner and the English Department are running a competition through until Monday 12th April for Year 7 and 8. Read as many books as possible and pass as many quizzes on Accelerated Reader as you can, to be in with a chance of winning one of six £10 'Book, Bean & Ice Cream' gift vouchers. 

The Deadline is Monday 12th April 2021 so there's plenty of time to get reading! Good luck!


Bedrock - The online vocabulary curriculum for schools

Bedrock Vocabulary is an online programme that helps you learn new vocabulary. It helps with learning tricky language that is often used in text books, lessons or exams. Further information is available below, and there is a link to the login. 

Bedrock Vocabulary - Student Guide

Bedrock - Login


Closing the Word Gap

Closing the Word Gap at Home - A toolkit for parents


Lexia Power Up Literacy

Lexia Power Up Literacy is a computer based program that tailors instruction to your child's specific needs. The activities support and build on lessons to help all children become proficient readers by focussing on word study, grammar and comprehension. 

Find out more here - 

Set Up for Home Use

Lexia Login Details and Guide

If you experience any problems, please contact Mrs Hogarth on

Year 7 students will be accessing in their usual English Catch Up session. This programme aids transition from Key Stage 2 and supports students with spelling, punctuation and grammar activities. Students have their individual usernames and passwords and should email their Catch Up or English teachers with any questions.


English - Lancashire Libraries

Lancashire libraries are free to sign up to and they have a free virtual book catalogue for students called 'BorrowBox'. It's extremely easy to register, and children will have access to all the books, CDs, DVDs, etc. within the library local to you, as well as eBooks or eAudiobooks online. You can also ask a Librarian using the link on their website. For more information or to sign up completely free of charge, click the link below - 

Lancashire Library Services


Online Reading Resources

Miss Gardner has compiled a list of online reading resources and useful links to access books at home. Click below to find out more - 

Online Reading Resources


Virtual School Library from Oak National Academy

The Virtual School Library, is brought to you by Oak National Academy in partnership with the National Literacy Trust. Every week a popular children's author or illustrator will provide you with free books, exclusive videos and their top three recommended reads. Click the link below to find out more.

Virtual School Library


First News - E-newspaper

News to get the young people talking. Find out more by clicking the link below - 

First News


National Geographic Online Magazine

Click the image here to access the articles that featured in the February 2021 issue of the magazine. 





Mathematics - Numeracy Online Learning

There are many resources available for Mathematics online. Please feel free to investigate these safely and let the department know if you find any other websites that you find particularly useful.


Everyday Learning - Online Resources


Hegarty Maths

Login - Students email address

Password - Created by students. Can be reset by contacting Maths teacher

Work set - Fortnightly homework. Catch up session work to help support work covered during lockdown

Extra features

  • Help videos with linked tasks for all topics covered in years 7-11
  • Does also include primary topics for extra support
  • All clips have linked building blocks to offer extra support
  • Fix it 5, all students work is constantly reviewed and the 5 most appropriate questions are automatically set
  • A review page for each student shows areas for improvement


Maths Pad

Login - Students first name and surname with no gaps, can occasionally include a number

Password - First 3 letters of first name, starting with a capital letter, followed by 3245 with no gaps

Work set - Tasks set to support online lessons

Extra features -

  • Online interactive tools to help support many topics in Mathematics
  • The progress made by each student clearly shown on their own home page


Free online resources

Transum - Games and puzzles, support for all topics within maths split by level and available with increasing difficulty, specific plan to improve times tables, Maths map with links to support all areas of Maths

Corbett Maths - Online help videos for all topics. Worksheet with answers to support all videos

Nrich - Extension tasks and activities for all topics in mathematics. Activities and games to help reinforce understanding and interest in Mathematics


Maths use in everyday situations

Take the opportunity to use maths with your family in everyday life. Examples include - 

  • Estimating the price of your shopping as you walk around a supermarket
  • The different shapes and their properties used in buildings and other structures you see
  • Calculate the speed, time and distance of any journey you take and estimate the fuel needed
  • Create a timetable of activities using the correct units of time
  • Prepare a recipe using the correct units and quantities, this can also include changing the amount of people the recipe is for and therefore quantities
  • Use maps and compass points to investigate the local area


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