Having recently sat their Pre Public exams, Year 7 & 8 picked up the results this morning. Students, who were graded using the GCSE marks 1-9, were given an indication of the progress they have made academically over the last year. Lots of students met and, in many cases, exceeded their target grades which is a fantastic achievement.  


Assistant Headteacher Ms Hilton-Peet said: “We have seen some brilliant results from our students. So many pupils have met their target grades which is very promising and sets them in good stead for next year. I think it is important to remind students that they should look at what they have achieved as an individual and what their targets were rather than the grades of their peers. We all have strengths in different areas and for our students it is about working towards their individual targets and acknowledging their accomplishments when they reach them.”


The grades students have received also act as a good basis for deciding what subjects they would like to study at Key Stage 4. Year 7 students will have the opportunity to experience taster lessons in optional subjects next week as they take part in a Taster Day.  


Year 7 & 8 Exams 2018