Year 5 and 6 students from a number of local primary schools have taken part in a series of workshops at Carr Hill this term. Pupils took inspiration from different artists and had the opportunity to try new techniques.


Pupils from Weeton St Michaels, Freckleton and Ribby with Wrea took part in the workshops with some of the sessions running at Carr Hill and some running with a Carr Hill art teacher at the primary school.


The activities involved creating a booklet of mixed media work on the theme of Bugs and Butterflies. Students used techniques including watercolours, fine-liners, oil pastels, sharpies and biros and looked at the artists Damien Hurst  and Dean Crouser and photographer Poul Beckman for inspiration.


Primary Art 2018


Year 6 Maddy said: “I’ve liked the sessions a lot because I love art and the teacher has been really helpful and welcoming.”

Year 6 Jacob said: “My favourite technique has been the watercolour because you can do it freely and there are no rules. I think there will be lots more to do in art lessons at secondary school so I’m looking forward to September.”  

Art Teacher Mrs Williams said: “It’s been great working with the primary school students and introducing them to some new techniques as many of them had not tried them before. The work they have produced has been of a very high standard and shows their natural creativity. I look forward to teaching many of them next year and helping to discover more about art.”