Pupils were marked with the GCSE grading giving them a good indication of the progress they are making and what they should be working to ahead of their summer 2020 exams. A number of students achieved 7's meaning they are on track to reach some of the top grades by the time of their GCSEs, whilst many others have achieved 5's and 6's, a great accomplishment in Year 9.  Lots of students also demonstrated a high level of progress meaning they have advanced significally.  

Whilst the exam results are important the exams experience is equally valuable to students. Year 9 pupils had the chance to prepare, experience an exam environment and generally gain a better understanding of the whole process. 

Year 9 Courtney said: “I’m pleased with the 7's I got in PE, History and Geography. I put in a lot of time revising and I think my results show that.”

Fellow student Yolanda said: “History and Art are my favourite subjects so to get a 7 in both is a great feeling. I thought the exams were challenging but I felt that I had done well when they were finished.”

Assistant Headteacher Ms Hilton-Peet said: “Congratulations Year 9. I am proud of the work you did to prepare for your exams and the mature attitude you showed when sitting them. The results demonstrate the potential you have as a group of students, should you remain focused, to do well in your GCSEs in two years’ time. I hope you are all pleased with your results."

exams 2018