Enterprising Year 7 students have raised a magnificent £1013 for charity through selling postcards of tigers they have drawn.

The students were asked to draw a picture of a tiger which was then printed onto postcards to be sold to friends and family for a minimum of 50p each. All the proceeds went to 21st Century Tiger, an initiative which raises funds for over 70 tiger conservation projects across seven countries.

Sadly wild tigers are now threatened with extinction as Asia’s wild tiger population has shrunk by 93% over the last 100 years to an estimated 3,200. The projects 21st Tiger support, focus on threats the tigers face on a daily basis such as habitat destruction, poaching and a reduction in the number of prey due to hunting.

The two students who raised the most money, along with the two students who produced the best drawings were rewarded with a trip to Blackpool Zoo to spend time with a specialist Tiger Zoo Keeper and photograph the tigers. Alexander in JU7 and Reuben in PO2 raised £70.50 and £55 respectively whilst Ruby in ME7 and Samit in MI2 received the accolade of best drawings.  Alexander said, “I’m really happy that I managed to raise so much money for the charity.  It makes me sad that wild tigers are suffering in the way that they are in their natural environments and I hope the money raised can help some of them.”

During the trip the four students had the opportunity to practice their photography skills up close with a Madagascan Tenrec (a relative of the hedgehog) and a characterful rabbit named Houdini.  Afterwards they spent some time preparing two ‘enrichments’ for the tigers.  These are parcels that contain a variety of scents which replicate some of the aromas the tigers would experience in the wild. Reuben said, “It was really good fun helping to make the enrichment boxes using various herbs and plants. The tigers knocked all the contents out of them with their paws when we gave them to them and they seemed to really enjoy it”. 

The sun was shining as the time came to photograph the tigers, and they were out basking in the rays, waiting for their photo shoot. Art teacher Mrs Wild said, “It was a fascinating experience for the students and the experience of working with the Zoo Keepers is one I’m sure they’ll remember for a long time. They took some beautiful photos of the tigers and the staff at the zoo were not only amazed at the amount of money raised, but also at the quality of the work”.

Headteacher Mr Waller said, “I am very impressed with how much our talented Year 7 students have raised for such a worthy cause. The standard of their work was extremely high and I’m pleased that Ruben, Alexander, Ruby and Samit all got to enjoy such an interesting and educational trip to the zoo.”

Tiger Postcard Winner's trip 2018