Students from the Sixth Form delivered gifts to Rock FM's Cash for Kids' Mission Christmas Appeal this morning.

The Sixth form decided to collect toys and supplies for the appeal after hearing that 70,000 children in Lancashire alone are living in poverty.  Cash for Kids has had a whopping 16,500 applications for help for families from various agencies including Social Services. 

Clare Traynor, Charity Executive for Cash for Kids said, "There are so many families in need in Lanacshire.  Some of the children who recieve support from us have life limiting illnesses and others are facing severe poverty.  Every child deserve to wake up on Christmas morning with excitement and anticipation, but sadly so many don't know what it's like to have a good Christmas.  We hope that through your generosity we can change that for some of these families. We are so grateful for all your support".

Sixth Form student Millie said, "It is really humbling being part of something like this.  I had no idea so many families were suffering and going without this Christmas.  I'm glad we've pulled together and helped to make a bit of a difference.  The thought of a child waking up with a smile on Christmas morning because of presents we've donated is a great feeling". 


Photo: Clare Traynor from Cash for Kids, Miss Greenwood, Sixth Form Students and Mrs McLean delivering some of the presents.