Summer School 2017

6 September 2017

The Year 6 students who have all joined the school as Year 7's this week, were invited to partake in a range of ativiities including team building exercises, art, english, maths and PE sessions as well as a trip to the zoo. A celebration assembley was held to round off the week and students were awarded a certificate for taking part.

The Summer School was funded by the School’s Pupil Premium resources and gave new pupils the chance to spend time with their classmates ahead of the beginning of term. Mrs Somers, Pupil Premium Mentor, said, “The week is designed to allow students to develop key skills such as communication and team building and focused initiatives on helping to improve Maths and English in a fun and interactive way. It was a great success and we've had a lot of positive feedback from the families involved”.

The Pupil Premium is the name of the fund given directly to schools to support students who are in receipt of Free School Meals , or who have been registered within the last 6 years. The children of Armed  Forces families and young people who are in care are also eligible for Pupil Premium funding.These funds are in addition to the main school budget and are allocated on the basis of the number of students who qualify for the Pupil Premium.

You can find out more information about the Pupil Premium and an outline of how we intend to spend our Pupil Premium for the coming year at Information/Pupil Premium &Catch-Up Premium.

For more information please contact: 
Mrs Lucy Somers
Pupil Premium Mentor
Tel: (01772) 682008