Thinking of Manchester

26 May 2017

Students from across all years were invited to a special art event in the aftermath of the Manchester bombing.  The event was organised by art teacher Miss Wignall to pass on messages of sympathy, condolences and support to all those affected, and as an act of solidarity, not only with the people of Manchester, but also the wider community, including other local schools.

Miss Wignall said “many of our students have been deeply shocked by this tragic incident, and I wanted to give them an opportunity to talk openly about how they are feeling, as well as them being able to pass on messages of support through sharing their work on social media, demonstrating our support for Manchester and the people of the Northwest. Art in its nature is very cathartic and it was encouraging to see that by the end of the session a lot of the students were leaving really less anxious about the situation.” 

Art for Manchester