Year 7 students lead Faith Day lesson

24 May 2017

Students from Year 7 visited Ribby with Wrea Primary School to lead a session as part of the school’s Faith Day.  The day involved pupils across all years learning about the six major world religions.  The Carr Hill staff and pupils led an interactive lesson with a group of year four, five and six pupils looking at the ‘Philosophy of God.’

The Year 7's planned, prepared and delivered the activities themselves, with help from RS teacher Mr Churm.  They helped the primary school pupils to write acrostic poems and explore the idea of ‘God’ from different religions and some pupils had the opportunity to make ‘God’ using PlayDoh.  The Carr Hill pupils also read poems and stories to the children to help them understand some difficult concepts about what God is like. Year 7 Harry said, “It was a lot of fun; I really enjoyed the chance to work in a team with friends.”

One of the highlights of the session was the year 7's trying to persuade the primary children that their random object was most like God.  Arguments were put forward for how a pineapple, bird and phone are all good metaphors for God, but the winning suggestion, as voted on by the primary school audience, was a candle nominated by Jennifer. 

Mr Churm said, “I was incredibly impressed with the enthusiasm, dedication and creativity of our year 7's.  They were excellent ambassadors for Carr Hill and the primary school children really enjoyed themselves and went away with a better understanding of some difficult philosophical ideas. Well done and thank you very much to all those involved."