Faculty of Maths

Success within the Faculty of Maths is as simple as 1,2,3. Whilst studying the faculty's subjects, Mathematics and Accountancy, students learn core life skills which can help with everyday tasks such as managing money or planning journeys. 

There is no doubt that the skills learnt through lessons in the faculty are vital to students today and in the future.

Staff in this faculty aim to simplify key topics in order to enable pupils to develop their knowledge of numerical subjects and expand their problem solving abilities.   

Challenge is a running theme within this faculty but students are taught to approach new challenges in a positive and ambitious way. The dedicated Logic cluster staff regularly run revision catch up weekends and a host of after school clubs, all of which help pupils to enjoy and excel within these subjects.  

Staff are keen to develop students’ ability to learn independently and encourage activities such as group discussion to work through problem solving tasks.  Students are also given the opportunity to work together competing against other schools at a range of Maths challenge events. 

Working closely with local primary schools, the cluster hosts the annual ‘Primary Maths Challenge’ which helps to familiarise students with Logic before they begin attending Carr Hill High School & Sixth Form Centre. The Faculty of Maths is always working to provide students with the best learning opportunities. Furthermore,  primary school students, working at Level 6 ability, are invited into school to benefit from booster classes to help them attain the best grades. 

Skills learned within the Faculty of Maths stay with students throughout their life. Students may use their knowledge to help manage their weekly budget at university or to pursue a maths or accountancy career. Wherever life takes pupils after Carr Hill High School & Sixth Form Centre one thing is certain, they will be using the skills they have learnt within the Faculty of Maths.