Faculty of Science

An inquisitive and investigative nature is at the heart of the Faculty of Science. 

Students are inspired to develop their personal skills, investigate their ideas and unearth information on a diverse range of issues, through group and individual study.

The Faculty of Science combines three subjects: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. This grouping of subjects leads to diverse learning within the cluster and pupils cover everything from learning about the periodic table, to the circulatory system to studying energy transfers and efficiency.

Students are engaged and enjoy discovering how the science they learn in the classroom translates into the everyday world. With specialists in every subject; students reap the benefits of being taught by an expert in each field. The faculty's pets, including guinea pigs, a snake, stick insects and tropical fish, are used to aid teaching in lessons, taking students’ learning to a new dimension. 

If students are inspired by their lessons and they can continue to learn outside the classroom. There is a regular STEM Club where students build their own projects over a course of a number of weeks. For older students there are opportunities to visit North West universities and experience presentations from some of the region’s top scientists and lecturers. 

The faculty also hosts the annual Science Week activities. This enrichment opportunity is focused on a different topic every year with previous themes including communication, the natural world and inventors. Students in all years find the week of innovative activities and competitions a fantastic experience and relish the opportunity to engage in a particular scientific theme.

Learning in the Faculty of Science is never black and white. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and explore an incredible range of topics. The diverse curriculum means students are always keen to learn more.