Faculty of Performing Arts


Subjects within this faculty enable students to explore their imagination. Staff who teach Dance, Music and Drama encourage pupils to be expressive and creative whilst working independently and collectively.

Within this faculty you will find staff passionate about bringing out students’ natural ability, whether that is through a dance routine, a musical instrument or a play.  The faculty benefit from a wealth of extra-curricular opportunities and students’ success is shared with parents, carers and staff via a range of annual evening events including the whole school production and the Gym and Dance Display. 

Music teachers run a host of clubs enabling students of all abilities to learn to play a variety of instruments. Pupils can also become a part of the school’s Choir Club and perform at a number of events both within the school and the wider 
community. Furthermore, there is a Music Academy for students of all ages and abilities where members work hard to deliver a number of impressive evening events throughout each school year.