Pastoral Organisation

Students at the school are organised into one of six colleges; Apollo, Ceres, Juno, Mercury, Minerva and Poseidon. The purpose of the college is to provide care and support to students as they grow; both personally and academically. The school is proud of the excellent care that the colleges provide for students and Ofsted identified this as one of the strengths of the school.

“Students feel valued and supported by staff and this contributes enormously to their well-being and the progress they make. Teachers know their students very well”(Ofsted)

Within each college, students are organised into Mentor Groups of approximately 20 students. Students from all years mix in mentor groups; encouraging friendships and peer-mentoring across the school. For younger students this immediately means they get to know older students throughout the school and for older students there is a greater sense of maturity.

All students receive daily mentoring with their personal college mentor and it is very common for older students to support younger students because of the relationships that are formed in these sessions.Students and their families also form strong relationships with staff within the college; allowing students to receive the best possible support.

Each College is proud of the achievements of its students and these achievements are celebrated on regular occasions throughout the academic year. Parents and families take part in celebration events, which allow the colleges to fully recognise the achievements of all young people. College Leaders expect the very best from students including exceptional behaviour and high standards of achievement and appearance. These standards are recognised and rewarded as part of everyday school life. A formal system of MERITS allows students success to be acknowledged and celebrated within their college.

The college system very much gives Carr Hill students a sense of belonging; to their college, to their school and to the wider community. Feedback from students and parents indicates that the college system functions exceptionally well and is instrumental in ensuring students feel Proud to Belong.

Carr Hill does not tolerate bullying. If you feel someone is bullying your child or any other student at Carr Hill, please use this  email address